Maintain your figure with this selection of targeted treatments and programmes.  They have been specially formulated to help you manage your weight, maintain your figure and firm up your stomach area. The factors responsible for weight gain increase with age and with the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, taking care of their body is a major issue of concern for most women, particularly from the age of 50 onwards. To help you achieve your targets, Vital Nature has a range of natural solutions, formulated with Guarana, orange blossom, caffeine and green tea, that work to help promote the burning of fat, increase the feeling of fullness and act on specific areas of the body. Take action now to feel better in your body tomorrow!

  • Slimming Elixir

    Detoxifying drawer
    Incl. 5.5% Tax
  • Slimming Force

    Promote the Elimination of Toxins Stimulates the metabolism
    Incl. 5.5% Tax
  • Green tea with pineapple

    Encourage Weight Loss
    Incl. 5.5% Tax