1. The company is a mail order company whose registered office is at 1198 avenue du Dr Maurice Donat, 06250 Mougins, France. The company runs - with other associated companies -   promotional campaigns in the United Kingdom in connection with its catalogue. This game, run by the company, requires an order to be placed.

2. The closing date of this game is the 15th of each calendar month following the availability online of the game.

3. To participate: An order placed before the closing date is necessary for participating in this prize draw. Customers must duly complete their Order Form and provide all required details. By entering the prize draw, recipients are deemed to accept the Rules. They need to respect the terms hereafter. Employees of the company or of any associated company, their relatives and partners are excluded from entry to the Game.

5. Entry costs: Reimbursement of the costs associated with entering the Game online will be limited to 3 minutes of Internet access at the standard rate in effect at the time the present rules were drafted. Participants who do not pay connection costs based on usage (i.e. subscribers to “unlimited” internet access plan, etc.) are not eligible for reimbursement of entry costs. Requests for refund must be made in writing to the company at the address provided.

6. Chronology: After the closing date, a Winning number is selected at random from amongst those clients who have placed an order. The Winning number is to be revealed at the latest 15 days after the closing date. Information regarding the Winning number will be sent to anyone who writes to the company.

7. The Potential Rights: This game does not constitute an unconditional offer to pay the sum of money in play to customers whose participation number does not match the Winning number.

 8. Prize in play: is the sum of £4,300.00payable to the designated Winner. This sum is based on the fixed amount of 5,000.00 Euros. The prize amount can be paid as stated in the mailing and the final decision shall be entirely at the discretion of the Games Management. The company reserves the right to alter, amend, or withdraw this prize draw without prior notice in any unforeseen event or as a result of circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

9. The Winner if they have participated in the given time-frame will be notified by registered mail within 30 days of the closing date. They will then have a deadline of 15 days to accept their prize. (…)

Please retain a copy of the rules of the game for your reference.